Newberry Invitational
Reported August 25, 2001 by the Sault Evening News
Sault Ste Marie, Michigan

Blue Devils sweep at Newberry Invitational

NEWBERRY -- The Sault High boys and girls cross country teams pulled off a clean sweep in the Newberry Invitational on Saturday in the opening meet for all schools attending.

The Blue Devil boys topped the six-team field with a score of 30, followed by Rudyard with 82, Pickford with 85, Newberry with 92, Korah, Ont. with 102, and St. Ignace with 116.

Rocky Robitaille of Korah, Ont. took the top boys' spot in 15:48, while teammate Clyde Bridge was right behind him for second place in 15:54. Two Sault runners were next as Tony Abramson was third in 15:55, and Dan Brown was fourth in 16:27. Rounding out the top five, was Rudyard's Brent Malaski in 16:33.

On the girls' side, the Sault placed three runners in the top five despite an unfortunate turn of events for top runner Natalie Cahill. Cahill missed a trail marker and became lost in the woods as race officials searched for 90 minutes before finding her.

"It's unfortunate for Natalie," said Sault coach Jim Martin. "She was a full minute ahead of the field when it happened."

The Sault still managed to win the meet with a score of 31, while Newberry was second with 57. Pickford was next with 67, followed by Rudyard with 70, and St. Ignace with 118.

Jennifer Corbiere and Kayce Lawrence of the Sault finished first and second respectively. Corbiere won in 20:03, and Lawrence finished in 20:14. Rosanna Chapman of Pickford was third in 20:54, and Shayla Postma of Rudyard was fourth in 21:07. Sheena Alban of the Sault rounded out the top five in 21:31.

"This was a good meet," said Newberry coach John Carlson. "It was a nice opener for everyone."



Sault Ste. Marie -- Tony Abramson, 3rd, 15:55; Dan Brown, 4th, 16:27; Adam Gurnoe, 6th, 16:40; Pete Duesing, 7th, 16:54; Craig Cooper, 10th, 17:20; Walter Bennette, 12th, 18:22; Jake Green, 18th, 18:45.

Rudyard -- Brent Malaski, 5th, 16:33; Chad Folkersma, 13th, 18:28; Sam Otten, 20th, 19:04; Jason Gregg, 21rst, 19:13; Justin Hoolsema, 23rd, 19:35; Josh Bywater, 24th, 20:05; Ryan Anderson, 30th, 22:14.

Pickford -- Brad Hunter, 8th, 17:11; Mahlon Collins, 15, 18:39; Joe Nyberg, 16th, 18:40; Tony King, 17th, 18:42; Carl Morrison, 29, 22:07.

Newberry -- Adam Brown, 14, 18:38; Steve Swanson, 19, 18:52; Shane McNamara, 22, 19:29; Dennis Walker, 25, 20:23; Nick Engman, 26, 20:31; Brian Richards, 27, 20:40.

St. Ignace -- Will Springsteen, 9th, 17:19; Luke Fowler, 11th, 17:45.


Sault Ste. Marie -- Jennifer Corbiere, 1rst, 20:03; Kaycee Lawrence, 2nd, 20:14; Sheena Alban, 5th, 21:31; Callie Mussin, 6th, 21:34; Melissa Kik, 17th, 23:16; Dianna Cryderman, 20th, 24:17.

Newberry -- Amanda Quick, 7th, 21:57; Kerri Bush, 8th, 22:10; Kylie Richards, 11th, 22:39; Laura Siuda, 15th, 22:51; Racheal Ronquist, 16th, 23:11; Erin Price, 21rst, 24:55; Stephanie Norris, 22nd, 25:16.

Pickford -- Rosanna Chapman, 3rd, 20:54; Tiffany Campbell, 13th, 22:44; Cortnie Brown, 14th, 22:50; Megan Hunter, 18th, 23:57; Stacy Rye, 19th, 24:13.

Rudyard -- Shayla Postma, 4th, 21:07; Marie Ghastin, 9th, 22:11; Stephanie Folkersma, 10th, 22:21; Mary Couling, 23rd, 27:26; Beth English, 24th, 32:04.

St. Ignace -- Lisa Wheeler, 12th, 22:41.