Elks Invitational
Reported October 8, 2001 by the Sault Evening News
Sault Ste Marie, Michigan

Sault, Pickford teams win Elks Invitational

PICKFORD -- Despite frigid and windy conditions on Saturday, 11 cross country teams braved the elements to take part in the Elks Invitational meet at Munoscong Golf Course.

Despite the harsh conditions the track was fast, as new course records were established for both the boys and the girls races.

Clyde Bridge of Korah, Ont. toured the 5-K course in 16:43 to set the boys mark. Another Canadian runner -- Vactoria Koskenoja of White Pines, set the new record for the girls in 19:25.

The Sault Ste. Marie boys and girls teams were both victorious in the meet. The Sault boys scored 50 points, just barely edging out second-place Ishpeming who had 53. The Sault girls won handily with a score of 30, beating second place Newberry by over 70 points.

Pickford won the small school title for both the boys and girls. Among local runners, Brent Malaski of Rudyard had the best finish. He placed fifth in 17:46, while Adam Gurnoe of the Sault was right behind him in seventh place in 17:51. For Pickford, Brad Hunter was the top finisher, placing 12th in 18:05, while the top finisher for St. Ignace was Will Springsteen in 18:22. Steve Swanson was the top man for Newberry. Swanson finished 31rst in 19:35.

For the girls, the Sault dominated the top spots with four Blue Devils finishing in the top seven. Natalie Cahill finished second overall in 19:56 to pace the Blue Devils. Stephanie Folkersma was the top finisher for Rudyard. She placed eighth in 21:56, while Laura Siuda was Newberry's top finisher, placing 14th in 22:40. Rosanna Chapman finished 17th for Pickford in 22:51, while Marielle Calcaterra finished 24th for St. Ignace in 23:13.

Newberry won the boys JV meet with 50 points, followed by the Sault with 55. Nick Ingman finished third for Newberry, while Sean Mulkerns was eighth for the Sault.

The girls JV meet was the Sault vs. Newberry as no other teams competed. The Sault won with 20 points, and Newberry finished with 32.

Kim Kik was first overall for the Sault, while Stephanie Norris finished second for Newberry.

A rundown of results:


Sault 50, Ishpeming 53, Harbor Springs 79, Rudyard 120, Pickford 156, Newberry 188, St. Ignace 189, Munising 196, Korah 228, Mackinaw City 232, Mio 280.

Sault -- Gurnoe, 7th, 17:51; Abramson, 9th, 17:58; Brown, 10th, 17:59; Duesing, 11th, 17:59; Cooper, 13th, 18:10; Bennette, 25th, 19:20; Green, 28th, 19:28.

Rudyard -- Malaski, 6th, 17:46; Otten, 23rd, 19:17; Hoolsema, 27th, 19:27; Bywater, 30th, 19:32, Gregg, 34th, 19:50; Folkersma, 36th, 20:06.

Newberry -- Swanson, 31rst, 19:35; Brunet, 32nd, 19:42; McNamara, 35th, 20:06; Brown, 40th, 20:43; Stewart, 50th, 21:33.

St. Ignace -- W. Springsteen, 15th, 18:22; Fowler, 22nd, 19:10; P. Springsteen, 46th, 21:24; Mullen, 51rst, 22:05; Weiss, 55th, 23:01; LaJoice, 56th, 23:16; Dellamoretta, 61rst, 22:33.

Pickford -- Hunter, 12th, 18:05, Collins, 29th, 19:30, Thompson, 33rd, 19:43; King, 37th, 20:07; Nyberg, 45th, 21:24; Barry, 47th, 21:24; Morrison, 53rd, 22:41.


Sault 30, Newberry 103, Harbor Springs 105, White Pines 110, Munising 125, Rudyard 129, St. Ignace 167.

Sault -- Cahill, 2nd, 19:56; Lawrence, 3rd, 21:01; Corbiere, 5th, 21:20; Albon 7th, 21:39; Mussin 13th, 22:26; Kik, 23rd, 23:12.

Newberry -- Siuda, 14th, 22:40; Richards, 15th, 22:42; Bush, 18th, 22:53; Robinson, 22nd, 23:10; Quick, 34th, 24:02; Rohnquist, 37th, 25:13.

Rudyard -- Folkersma, 8th, 21:56; Postma, 9th, 22:07; Ghastin, 31rst, 23:37; Couling, 38th, 26:23; English, 43rd, 27:39.

Pickford -- Chapman, 17th, 22:51; Brown, 21rst, 22:59; Rye 26th, 23:14; Campbell, 29th, 23:22; Hunter, 30th, 23:32; Morrison, 32nd, 23:37.

St. Ignace -- Calcaterra, 24th, 23:13; Wheeler, 28th, 23:20; Evashevski, 35th, 24:26; Elliott, 36th, 24:53.