Upper Peninsula Cross Country Championships
Reported October 21, 2001 by the Sault Evening News
Sault Ste Marie, Michigan

By JOHN VRANCIC/For The Evening News

Girls' Championships

Cahill wins Division I title

GLADSTONE -- Sault High's Natalie Cahill finished her prep cross country career in fine fashion Saturday.

The senior earned her first Upper Peninsula Division I title by covering the 3.1-mile course at the Gladstone Golf Club in 20 minutes, 13.8 seconds. She was followed by Marquette's Christy Griffen in 21:27.1 and Charlotte Delorey at 21:34.8.

"This just means so much," said Cahill. "I've been waiting to do this since the beginning of the season. Last year was my first year of running. I've learned not to give up. This year when I got passed, I was able to stay with the runner."

Watching the Sault High boys win earlier in the day added a little extra incentive for the girls, according to Cahill. "That made us realize we can do it, if they can," she added. "We run with guys in practice and that forces us to go at a harder pace. We also compete in a tough conference, which helps us a lot."

Despite Cahill's effort, Sault High settled for the runner-up trophy. Marquette repeated as champion with 25 points and the Blue Devils had 47. Calumet took third at 99.

"Natalie ran a fabulous race," said Sault High coach Jim Martin. "I'm sure she will be running at a college somewhere. She's definitely a Division 1 runner. As a team, our girls did a nice job. We had a great season."

The Pickford girls also settled for runner-up honors in Divison 3 by edging Carney-Nadeau 55-57. Superior Central, which placed five among the top 11, captured its first title in more than a decade with 34 points.

Rapid River freshman Dani Holmgren won the race in 21:07.9 despite running an extra 15 yards after taking a wrong turn. Carney senior Trisha Hernandez was runner-up at 21:20.1 and Pickford's Rosanna Chapman took third at 22:42.1.

"I went on the wrong side of the flag," said Holmgren. "I probably starting pulling away after the guy (race official) made me come back and go around it for the second time. I got kind of an adrenalin rush."

In Division 2, Stephenson placed four in the top 10 and won for the fourth straight year with 42 points. Runner-up Ironwood had 57 and Hancock was third with 101 and Rudyard nipped Newberry 113-114 for fourth.

Westwood sophomore Amber Smith repeated as champion in 19:44.5. Rudyard's Stephanie Folkersma was runner-up in 21:27.3 and Ironwood's Emily Hagstrom was third in 21:34.4.

Division 1

Marquette 25, Sault 47, Calumet 99, Menominee 128, Gladstone 148, Escanaba 155, Kingsford 161, Houghton 162.

1, Natalie Cahill, Sault, 20:13.8; 2, Christy Griffen, Marquette, 21:27.1; 3, Charlotte Delorey, Marquette, 21:34.8; 4, Casey Andrews, Marquette, 21:27.1; 5, Kayce Lawrence, Sault, 21:57.9; 6, Kate Abbott, Houghton, 22:04; 7, Susan Livingston, Marquette, 22:18.5; 8, Angela Gaudette, Kingsford, 22:29.6; 9, Melissa Brandt, Marquette, 22:30; 10, Kaye Helminen, Calumet, 22:33.5; 11, Laura Adermann, Menominee, 22:44.6; 12, Emily Bennette, Sault, 22:52; 13, Katie Dellangelo, Marquette, 22:56; Callie Mussin, Sault, 22:57; 15, Sheena Albon, Sault, 23:05.

Division 2

Stephenson 42, Ironwood 57, Hancock 101, Rudyard 113, Newberry 114, Norway 122, Westwood 140, Munising, Ishpeming, West Iron County and St. Ignace did not field complete teams.

1, Amber Smith, Westwood, 19:44.5; 2, Stephanie Folkersma, Rudyard, 21:27.3; 3, Emily Hagstrom, Ironwood, 21:34.4; 4, Joanna Grille, Stephenson, 22:01; 5, Ginger Polich, Ironwood, 22:23.2; 6, Tiffany Tessmer, Stephenson, 22:29; 7, Ashley Verran, Hancock, 22:33.1; 8, Danielle Raboin, Stephenson, 22:36; 9, Amber Zychowski, Norway, 22:42.6; 10, Heather Newlin, Stephenson, 22:44.4; 11, kate Hagenbuch, Hancock, 22:51; 12, Sarah Kimar, Munising, 22:51.4; 13, Joanna Pollack, 22:51.7; 14, jennifer Mathias, Ishpeming, 23:06; 15, Laura Siuda, Newberry, 23:10.8;

Division 3

Superior Central 34, Pickford 55, Carney-Nadeau 57, Rapid River 85, Republic 105, Crystal Falls, Mid Peninsula and Painesdale did not field complete teams.

1, Dani Holmgren, Rapid River, 21:07.2; 2, Trisha Hernandez, Carney, 21:20.1; 3, Rosanna Chapman, Pickford, 22:42; 4, Hannah Wojcik, Superior Central, 22:52; 5, Nichole Hansen, Crystal Falls, 22:56.9; 6, Laurie Tuinstra, Carney, 23:04.7; 7, Shayln Beauchamp, Mid Peninsula, 23:08.3; 8, Whitney Wyers, Superior Central, 23:11; 9, Jessica Carpenter, Superior Central, 23:11.5; 10, Annie Migda, Superior Central, 23:13; 11, Alyssa Gormley, Superior Central, 23:23.8; 12, Stacy Rye, Pickford, 23:31.2; 13, Cortnie Brown, Pickford, 23:34.3; 14, Andrea Kandoll, Republic, 23:35.6; 15, Mandy Smith, Painesdale, 24:00.1.

Boys' Championships

Sault boys run to U.P. threepeat

GLADSTONE -- Throughout this cross country season, the Sault High boys were constantly ranked second behind Marquette in the Upper Peninsula cross country coaches' poll.

Cross country meets aren't won on paper, however, and the Blue Devils proved that by winning their third straight U.P. title at the Gladstone Golf Club Saturday.

The Blue Devils topped the Division I standings by scoring 29 points. Runner-up Marquette had 35 and third-place Menominee collected 115.

"We ran well today," said Sault High coach Jim Martin. "We had some kids step up. They beat us on the uphills, but we beat them on the downhills. This course was suited for our style of running. We told our kids to get out there (in front) right away because they (Marquette) aren't used to coming from behind. Being ranked No. 2 all year, we had nothing to lose. Marquette is a real strong team. I don't think they lost it. We won it."

Sault High placed five runners in the top eight. The Blue Devils were led by third-place finisher Dan Brown, who covered the 3.1-mile course in 18 minutes, 7.5 seconds. Adam Gurnoe took fifth at 18:15.7.

"I'm real happy," said Gurnoe. "We have the greatest coach and our team is hard-working. We all ran miles and miles during the summer. We kind of knew we had a good chance. Ranked No. 2 my foot. Even our coach ranked us second just to get us going."

Newberry coach John Carlson wasn't surprised by the success of the Blue Devils, who finished fourth in the Big North Conference.

"I knew they were real strong," he said. "That's why I ranked them No. 1 all year."

Marquette senior Jamie Cihak repeated as champion in 17:01.2 and teammate Stuart Kramer took second in 18:06.1.

Cihak's father Jim is a world championship snowshoe racer and a highly successful cross country skier and runner. "My dad and I run together," said Jamie, who is being recruited by five universities, including Michigan State. "Both of my parents are very supportive. They make me proud to be their son."

In Division 2, Rudyard's Brent Malaski won his first U.P. title in 17:34.6, one second ahead of Ishpeming senior Ryan Kruger. Ironwood's Jesse Daniels took third at 18:00.7.

"Kruger and I were fighting it out for the whole last mile," said Malaski, who was running fourth after a half-mile. "I like running with Kruger because he runs a good, steady pace. When I passed him for the last time (with 400 yards remaining), I just took off."

Malaski, who finished behind Kruger in three previous meetings this season, also gave coach Al Jarvie credit for his success. "Coach Jarvie knows what he's doing," said Malaski. "If anything, we tend to undertrain because he doesn't want us to overtrain. I had good rest and said my prayers this week."

Ishpeming, which placed four within the top 15, won its second title in three years with 48 points. Runner-up Westwood had 86 and third-place Rudyard had 111.

In Division 3, Carney-Nadeau won for the fifth straight year with 36 points. Pickford took second with 59 and North Central was third with 74.

Joss Martin, a sophomore from Crystal Falls, won the race in 18:08.3. Painesdale's Sam Kipela took second in 18:43, Carney's Brent Jurmu placed third in 18:38 and Pickford's Brad Hunter was sixth at 18:56.7.

Division 1

Sault Ste. Marie 29, Marquette 35, Menominee 115, Negaunee 119, Gladstone and Kingsford 152, Escanaba 157, Houghton 182.

1, Jamie Cihak, Marquette, 17:01.2; 2, Stuart Kramer, Marquette, 18:06.1; 3, Dan Brown, Sault, 18:07.5; 4, Nick Richer, Negaunee, 18:08.1; 5, Adam Gurnoe, Sault, 18:15.7; 6, Craig Cooper, Sault, 18:16.1; 7, Pete Duesing, 18:17.9; 8, Tony Abramson, Sault, 18:29; 9, Tristan Smith, Marquette, 18:33.2; 10, Evan Milton, Marquette, 18:34.2; 11, Travis DiPalma, Houghton, 18:39; 12, Seth Richmond, Kingsford, 18:40.3; 13, Kurt Freudenstein, Marquette, 18:47; 14, Andy Rife, Marquette, 18:49.3; 15, Alex Tiseo, Marquette, 19:04.4.

Division 2

Ishpeming 48, Westwood 86, Rudyard 111, Ironwood 118, Stephenson 148, Norway 162, West Iron County 192, St. Ignace 201, Munising 217, Hancock 219, Newberry 241.

1, Brent Malaski, Rudyard, 17:34.6; 2, Ryan Kruger, Ishpeming, 17:35.6; Jesse Daniels, Ironwood, 18:00; 4, Tony Barnes, Ishpeming, 17:35.6; 5, Matt Anderson, Munising, 18:12.4; 6, Curt Van, Stephenson, 18:20.1; 7, Jake Rankinen, Westwood, 18:23.8; 8, Dan Lindstrom, Norway, 18:30.5; 9, Erick Palo, Ishpeming, 18:32.8; 10, Will Springsteen, St. Ignace, 18:36.2; 11, Nathan Herrild, Stephenson, 18:40.2; Paul Honkala, Westwood, 18:40.5; 13, Andy Brzoznowski, West Iron County, 18:49.7; Allen Richards, Westwood, 18:50.4; Jordan Hart, Ishpeming, 19:05.2

Division 3

Carney-Nadeau 36, Pickford 59, North Central 74, Superior Central 104, Crystal Falls 106, Painesdale 137, Republic-Michigamme and Rapid River didn't field complete teams.

1, Joss Martin, Crystal Falls, 18:08.3; 2, Sam Kilpela, Painesdale, 18:34.3; 3, Brent Jurmu, Carney-Nadeau, 18;38; 4, Dan Miller, Rapid River, 18;38.5; 5, Gary Merkling, Carney-Nadeau, 18:55.5; 6, Brad Hunter, Pickford, 18:38.5; 7, Chuck Adams, Carney-Nadeau, 19:01.2; 8, Darren Grondin, Carney-Nadeau, 19:02.2; 9, Jason Marley, Superior Central, 19:06.9; 10, Tony King, Pickford, 19;24.9; 11, Jon Bovin, Rapid River, 19:25.2; 12, Luke Moilanen, North Central, 19:26.1; 13, Adam Christopherson, North Central, 19:27.5; 14, Jesse Aerts, North Central, 19:29.1; Mahlon Collins, Pickford, 19:39.3.