Upper Peninsula Cross Country Finals
Reported October 20, 2002 by John Vrancic for the Sault Evening News
Sault Ste Marie, Michigan

Pickford girls win at U.P. Finals

GLADSTONE -- For the past three years, the Pickford girls have settled for runner-up honors at the Upper Peninsula Cross Country Finals.

Saturday, the Panthers shed their bridesmaid role by winning their first Division 3 title with 45 points. Rapid River took second at 56 and defending champ Superior Central was third with 61.

"I'm so happy for our team because we finally get a banner," said Pickford senior Rosanna Chapman, who finished seventh and covered the 3.1-mile course at the Gladstone Golf Club in 22 minutes, three seconds. "I'm not real happy with the way I ran though. I was too cold. I had the energy, but I just couldn't get my legs to move."

Teammates Courtnie Brown and Tiffany Campbell finished ninth and 10th, respectively.

Rapid River's Dani Holmgren won her second straight title on this sunny, but seasonably cool day in 20:53. Chassell's Laura Kangas was runner-up at 21:16 and Rapid River's Michelle Hall took third at 21:27.

"We knew Rapid River had two real good runners," said Pickford coach John Bennin. "We also knew we had a chance if we turned in a decent performance. Our third, fourth and fifth runners stepped up and I think that made a difference. I think this is great for our kids, especially our seniors."

In Division 1, Sault High senior Kayce Lawrence won in 20:39, followed by Kingsford's Angela Gaudette (21:00) and Sault High's Jennifer Corbiere (21:07).

"I've wanted this since eighth grade," said Lawrence, "This is an awesome feeling, it really is. I thought there was somebody right behind me all the time, and it kept me going. As a team, this was probably one of our best meets."

Competing in the Big North Conference was also helpful to the Blue Devils, according to coach Jim Martin.

"We run against Class A schools all year, which helps prepare us for the big meets," he said. "We mapped out a strategy and the girls followed it very well. They really wanted this one. Kayce and Jen ran the race of their lives."

Marquette won its third straight title with 61 points. Sault High squeezed past Escanaba 73-74 for runner-up honors.

Sault High's Kate Corbiere and Menominee's Jessica Kalafut, who recently won the Great Northern Conference title, suffered ankle injuries and were unable to finish.

In Division 2, Westwood's Amber Smith won as expected in 18:49. She was followed by Rudyard's Stephanie Folkersma (20:26) and Ironwood's Emmy Hagstrom (20:49). Charlotte Folkersma of Rudyard placed eighth.

Ironwood took its first crown in five years with 48 points. Four-time defending champ Stephenson settled for runner-up honors this time with 61 and Hancock was third at 84.

Division 1

Marquette 61, Sault Ste. Marie 73, Escanaba 74, Calumet 83, Gladstone 103, Menominee 159, Houghton and Kingsford 177, Negaunee 263. (West Iron County didn't field a complete team.)

1, Kayce Lawrence, S, 20:39
2, Angela Gaudette, K, 21:00
3, Jennifer Corbiere, S, 21:07
4, Kaye Helminen, C, 21:16
5, Casey Andrews, Mqt, 21:21
6, Kaili Walker, G, 21:23
7, Sarah Peasley, E, 21:36
8, Stephanie Ostrenga, E, 21:38
9, Garnet Miller, Men, 21:39
10, Claire Vallin, Mqt, 21:44
11, Kate Abbott, Hou, 21:45
12, Emily Bennette, S, 21:50
13, Melissa Brandt, Mqt, 21:53
14, Beth Whitmer, G, 22:02
15, Molly Hyrkas, C, 22:03

Division 2

Ironwood 48, Stephenson 61, Hancock 84, Westwood 103, Newberry 108, Rudyard 119. (Norway, Munising, Ishpeming and St. Ignace didn't field complete teams.)

1, Amber Smith, W, 18:49
2, Stephanie Folkersma, R, 20:26
3, Emmy Hagstrom, Iwd, 20:49
4, Laura Aderman, S, 21:32
5, Sara Grabavcich, Iwd, 21:35
6, Kate Hogenbuch, Han, 21:38
7, Stephanie Mishica, Han, 21:43
8, Charlotte Folkersma, R, 21:43
9, Jessica Schutte, Nor, 22:04
10, Robin Vitton, Han, 22:04
11, Amanda Seaberg, Mun, 22:09
12, Joanna Pollack, Iwd, 22:10
13, Kyle Richards, Nor, 22:24
14, Nikki Younk, Nor, 22:25
15, Amber Zychowski, Nor, 22:38

Division 3

Pickford 45, Rapid River 56, Superior Central 61, Painesdale 90, Carney-Nadeau 98, North Central 119. (Mid Peninsula, Crystal Falls and Painesdale didn't field complete teams.)

1, Dani Holmgren, RR, 20:53
2, Laura Kangas, Chas, 21:16
3, Michelle Hall, RR, 21:27
4, Shalyn Beauchamp, MP, 21:40
5, Mandy Smith, Pains, 21:52
6, Nichole Hansen, CF, 21:54
7, Rosanna Chapman, Pick, 22:03
8, Laura Sexton, NC, 22:07
9, Courtnie Brown, Pick, 22:58
10, Tiffany Campbell, Pick, 23:09
11, Jessica Carpenter, SC, 23:10
12, Whitney Wyers, SC, 23:13
13, Megan Hunter, Pick, 23:14
14, Kristina Smith, SC, 23:18
15, Aimee Doyle, SC, 23:34

Area boys cross country squads post runner-up finishes

GLADSTONE -- Championships were elusive commodities for Eastern Upper Peninsula boys' cross country teams at Saturday's U.P. Finals.

Pickford came the closest among area teams, finishing runner-up to Carney-Nadeau in Division 3.

The Wolves captured their sixth straight title with 65 points. Pickford took home the runner-up plaque by edging North Central 80-84.

"We're pleased with how our boys ran," said Pickford coach John Bennin. "It was a pretty close race for the runner-up trophy. Four points isn't very much."

Joss Martin of Crystal Falls repeated as champ with the day's fastest time (16:51). Pickford's Brad Hunter was runner-up (17:24) and North Central's Adam Christophersen took third (17:50).

Carl Morrison took eighth and Chris Thompson was 10th for Pickford.

In Division 2, Rudyard's Brent Malaski yielded his title to Ironwood's Jesse Daniels.

Daniels, who was battling the stomach flu, was clocked at 16:56. Malaski was runner-up this time in 17:31 and Stephenson's Curt Van was third at 17:34.

"I really wanted to do this today," said Daniels. "I felt I'd be able to run, only I wasn't sure if I'd be able to do it thoroughly. I felt like throwing up through the entire race."

Westwood, which placed five runners within the top 10, earned its first title since 1985 with 32 points. Stephenson gained runner-up honors by edging Ironwood 87-94.

In Division 1, Marquette gained its first title in seven years with 36 points. Sault High had 76 and Negaunee was third at 88.

Kingsford's Beau Poquette, fueled by a strong finishing kick, notched his first title in 16:59. Negaunee's Nick Richer, who led until the final 50 meters, was runner-up at 17:00. Marquette's Stuart Kramer followed in 17:18.

The weather conditions were more favorable than originally forecasted, although the course was wet at the Gladstone Golf Club. Runners were greeted by sunny conditions with temperatures in the low to mid 40s, rather than the rain and snow which had been expected.

Division 1

Marquette 36, Sault Ste. Marie 76, Negaunee 88, Kingsford 136, Calumet 152, Escanaba and Gladstone 153, West Iron County 189, Menominee 208, Houghton 236.

1, Beau Poquette, K, 16:59
2, Nick Richer, N, 17:00
3, Stuart Kramer, Mqt, 17:18
4, Luke Michels, Mqt, 17:31
5, Andy Brozoznowski, WIC, 17:38
6, Derek Sundberg, N, 17:42
7, Andy Rife, Mqt, 17:46
8, Peter Duesing, S, 17:47
9, Anthony Abramson, S, 17:57
10, Tristan Smith, Mqt, 17:59
11, Chris Davis, G, 18:04
12, Ben Montgomery, Mqt, 18:06
13, Christian Kitti, C, 18:07
14, Alex Tiseo, Mqt, 18:08
15, Craig Cooper, S, 18:20

Division 2

Westwood 32, Stephenson 87, Ironwood 94, Ishpeming 102, Rudyard 131, Hancock 137, Newberry 184, St. Ignace 187, Munising 198. (Norway didn't field a complete team.)

1, Jesse Daniels, Iwd, 16:56
2, Brent Malaski, R, 17:31
3, Curt Van, S, 17:34
4, Jake Rankinen, W, 17:51
5, Andy Hill, W, 18:20
6, Allen Richards, W, 18:23
7, Josh Makela, W, 18:25
8, Lucas Hodges, Han, 18:30;
9, Erick Palo, Ish, 18:30
10, Dave Korpi, W, 18:32
11, Justin Hoolsema, R, 18:37
12, Nathan Herrild, S, 18:42
13, Dan Lindstrom, Nor, 18:42
14, Luke Fowler, SI, 18:43
15, Eric Hooper, W, 18:43

Division 3

Carney-Nadeau 65, Pickford 80, North Central 84, Crystal Falls 88, Painesdale 93, Chassell 117, Cedarville 148, Superior Central 179. (Rapid River didn't field a complete team).

1, Joss Martin, CF, 16:51
2, Brad Hunter, Pick, 17:24
3, Adam Christophersen, NC, 17:50
4, Sam Kilpela, Pains, 18:02
5, Darren Grondin, C-N, 18:22
6, Trevor Lehto, Pains, 18:44
7, Chuck Adams, C-N, 18:44
8, Carl Morrison, Pick, 18:45
9, P.J. Hendricks, CF, 19:03
10, Chris Thompson, Pick, 19:05
11, Jared Jurmu, C-N, 19:16
12; Jason Sweeney, Ced, 19:19
13, Chad Schlooser, Ced, 19:21
14, Luke Moilanen, NC, 19:28
15, Dean Kangas, Chas, 19:29.