Sault Stryders
Running Club

High School Track & Field Championships
Reported May 22, 2003 by Ken Hilderley
Sault Ste Marie, Ontario

Sir James Dunn continued their track and field dominance with another city team championship while Clyde Bridge, Tyler Koskenoja and Janine Olthius put their names in the record books.

The Sir James Dunn Eagles won their 22nd consecutive aggregate championship, which includes all boys and girls results, at Jo Forman Track on Wednesday with 870 points ahead of second place St. Mary's, which totalled 609 points.

Bridge, a multi-event racer from Korah, set the record in the 100 metre sprint in a time of 11.0 seconds, eclipsing the previous mark of 11.1, owned by five other individuals. Bridge also won the 200-metre sprint.

Meanwhile, White Pines' Koskenoja set a record in senior boys javelin with a toss of 62.30 metres, more than three metres over the previous mark. Sir James Dunn's Olthius set the junior girls 400-metre sprint record in a time of 60.1 seconds.

Individual points titles went to SJD's Hannibal Cull in senior boys, Korah's Jourdan Morin in junior and a tie in midget between St. Mary's Andrew Baziak and SJD's James Campbell.

On the girls side, individual titles were claimed by White Pines Sarah Hayman in senior, Olthius in junior and Kristen Johnson from SJD in midget.

Winners at the 2003 high school track and field city championships:


110M Hurdles - Andrew Ross (SMC)

400M Hurdles - Andrew Ross (SMC)

100M - Clyde Bridge (KOR)

200M - Clyde Bridge (KOR)

400M - Matt Chaimbrone (SMC)

800M - Hannibal Cull (SJD)

1500M - Brent Gerhart (SJD)

3000M - Hannibal Cull (SJD)

4x100M Relay - SMC

Stepple Chase - Hannibal Cull (SJD)

Long Jump - Ben Warnock (SJD)

Triple Jump - Evan Timusk (BAW)

High Jump - Evan Timusk (BAW)

Shot Put - Bryan Picco (SBSS)

Discus - Ian Hazlett (SJD)

Javelin - Tyler Koskenoja (WP)

4x400M Relay - SMC


100M Hurdles - Tysen Vanderloo (KOR)

300M Hurdles - Brian McAndrew (SMC)

100M - Alanzo Clarke (KOR)

200M - Alanzo Clarke (KOR)

400M - Jourdan Morin (KOR)

800M - Kyle Simpson (SJD)

1500M - Rocky Robitaille (SMC)

3000M - Rocky Robitaille (SMC)

4x100M Relay - SMC

Long Jump - Jourdan Morin (KOR)

Triple Jump - Kyle Gauthier (BAW)

High Jump - Graham Lorenzo (SJD)

Shot Put - Dan Kennedy (SJD)

Discus - Dan Kennedy (SJD)

Javelin - Kelsey Wilson (SMC)


80M Hurdles - Lucas Walker (SJD)

300M Hurdles - Nic Lang (SJD)

100M - Andrew Baziuk (SMC)

200M - Andrew Baziuk (SMC)

400M - Matt Dias (SBSS)

800M - James Campbell (SJD)

1500M - James Campbell (SJD)

3000M - James Campbell (SJD)

4x100M Relay - SMC

Long Jump - Andrew Baziuk (SMC)

Triple Jump - James Bergamin (SJD)

High Jump - Navarre Cellini (SJD)

Shot Put - Cavell MacRae (SJD)

Discus - Dylan D'Ettore (SMC)

Javelin - Jonathon Mullin (SMC)


100M Hurdles - Amanda Evans (WP)

400M Hurdles - Alex Moraca (SMC)

100M - Gina Aceti (SBSS)

200M - Gina Aceti (SBSS)

400M - Alecia Murtonen (KOR)

800M - Sarah Hayman (WP)

1500M - Sarah Hayman (WP)

3000M - Sarah Hayman (WP)

4x100M Relay - SMC

Long Jump - Jenn Muio (SMC)

Triple Jump - Angela Cescon (SJD)

High Jump - Heidi Jaskeleinen (SBSS)

Shot Put - Pamela Chikoski (SJD)

Discus - Kim Gratton (KOR)

Javelin - Amanda Evans (WP)


80M Hurdles - Amanda Peltsch (SMC)

300M Hurdles - Shannon Penfold (KOR)

100M - Tara Paluzzi (SBSS)

200M - Janine Olthuis (SJD)

400M - Janine Olthuis (SJD)

800M - Marnie Smith (SJD)

1500M - Marnie Smith (SJD)

3000M - Heather McLeod (SJD)

4x100M Relay - SBSS

Long Jump - Kaitlynn DeBoer (SBSS)

Triple Jump - Tara Paluzzi (SBSS)

High Jump - Janine Olthius (SJD)

Shot Put - Dana Ferguson (SBSS)

Discus - Holly Maskell (WP)

Javelin - Jordan Shelleby (SBSS)

4x400M Relay - SJD


80M Hurdles - Dayna Dailey (SJD)

300M Hurdles - Andrea Bettello (SJD)

100M - Jenna Ward (SJD)

200M - Kaelan Zeppa (SBSS)

400M - Kristen Johnson (SJD)

800M - Kristen Johnson (SJD)

1500M - Kristen Johnson (SJD)

3000M - Heather Gordon (WP)

4x100M Relay - SJD

Long Jump - Alexis Ambeault (SJD)

Triple Jump - Alexis Ambeault (SJD)

High Jump - Sarah Bullock (SMC)

Shot Put - Chrissy Thayer (BAW)

Discus - Ashley Clingen (WP)

Javelin - Lisa Stilin (SBSS)