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Several locals capture NOSSA gold
Reported May 31, 2003 by Ken Hilderley
Sault Ste Marie, Ontario

Several local high school athletes emerged victorious at the two-day Northern Ontario Secondary Schools Association (NOSSA) track and field championships held at Jo Forman Track.

The meet, featuring the top track and field athletes from the Sault east to Mattawa, began Thursday in windy conditions and concluded on Friday evening in the steady rain which fell on the city.

Locally, St. Mary's Andrew Baziuk proved to be unstoppable in midget boys competition by winning three gold medals. Baziuk captured the 100 metre and 200 metre dashes along with a gold in long jump.

Several other local athletes emerged with double individual gold medal performances. Clyde Bridge (Korah), Hannibal Cull (Sir James Dunn), Dan Kennedy (SJD), Amanda Evans (White Pines), Gina Aceti (St. Basil), Tara Paluzzi (St. Basil) and Janine Olthius (SJD) all won two gold medals at the meet.

Winners from NOSSA advance to the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations (OFSAA) meet in St. Cathrines June 5-7.

The following is a list of winners at NOSSA:


100M Hurdles - Andrew Ross (SMC)

400M Hurdles - Chris Siegman (SBSS)

100M - Clyde Bridge (KOR)

200M - Clyde Bridge (KOR)

400M - Matt Chaimbrone (SMC)

800M - Paul Walker (Confederation - Val Caron)

1500M - Brent Gerhart (SJD)

3000M - Hannibal Cull (SJD)

4x100M Relay - Korah

Steeple Chase (open) - Hannibal Cull (SJD)

Long Jump - Ben Warnock (SJD)

Triple Jump - Matt Elgie (Manitoulin)

High Jump - Lee Fowler (Lockerby - Sudbury)

Shot Put - Nick Zinck (West Ferris - North Bay)

Discus - Mike McGurk (Elliot Lake)

Javelin - Tyler Koskenoja (WP)

Pole Vault - Joel Zylberberg (Lockerby)


110M Hurdle - Tysen Vanderloo (KOR)

300M Hurdle - Seb Bell (Chippewa - North Bay)

100M - Adam Newton (West Ferris)

200M - Adam Newton (West Ferris)

400M - Jeffrey Deault (Nortre Dame - Sudbury)

800M - Patrick Corrente (St. Joseph - North Bay)

1500 M - Rocky Robitaille (SMC)

3000M - Lucas McAneney (Chippewa)

4x100M Relay - SMC

Long Jump - Terry Seguin (St. Joseph)

Triple Jump - Kyle Gauthier (BAW)

High Jump - David Thibert (Mcdonald-Cartier - Sudbury)

Shot Put - Dan Kennedy (SJD)

Discus - Dan Kennedy (SJD)

Javelin - Kelsey Wilson (SMC)

Pole Vault - Levi Charbonneau (St. Joseph)


100M Hurdles - Lucas Walker (SJD)

300M Hurdles - Nic Lang (SJD)

100M - Andrew Baziuk (SMC)

200M - Andrew Baziuk (SMC)

400M - Ryan Kent (CASS)

800M - Marc-Andre Paulin (Algonguin - North Bay)

1500M - James Campbell (SJD)

3000M - Marc-Andre Paulin (Algonquin)

4x100M Relay - St. Basil

Long Jump - Andrew Baziuk (SMC)

Triple Jump - Dan Gardiner (Chelmsford)

High Jump - Dan Gardiner (Chelmsford)

Shot Put - Jeremy Hodgson (CASS)

Discus - Dylan D'Ettore (SMC)

Javelin - Jonathan Mullin (SMC)

Pole Vault - Kevin Finner (St. Joseph)


100M Hurdles - Amanda Evans (WP)

400M Hurdles - Madeline Woods (Lo-Ellen Park - Sudbury)

100M - Gina Aceti (SBSS)

200M - Gina Aceti (SBSS)

400M - Madeline Woods (Lo-Ellen)

800M - Tammy Dufresne (Algonquin)

1500M - Leila Angrand (Notre Dame)

3000M - Leila Angrand (Notre Dame)

4x100M Relay - St. Basil

Long Jump - Neilly Little (Manitoulin)

Triple Jump - Angela Cescon (SJD)

High Jump - Heidi Jaskeleinen (SBSS)

Shot Put - Joanne Lachance (Hanmer)

Discus - Giota Athanasopoulos (Elliot Lake)

Javelin - Amanda Evans (WP)

Pole Vault (open) - Stacey Sheremeta (Chippewa)


80M Hurdles - Amanda Peltsch (SMC)

300M Hurdles - Shannon Penfold (KOR)

100M - Tara Paluzzi (SBSS)

200M - Janine Olthius (SJD)

400M - Janine Olthius (SJD)

800M - Kali Gawinski (Widdifield - North Bay)

1500M - Marnie Smith (SJD)

3000M - Kali Gawinski (Widdifield)

4x100M Relay - St. Basil

Long Jump - Kristin Bickell (Manitoulin)

Triple Jump - Tara Paluzzi (SBSS)

High Jump - Jen Gault (F.J. McElligot - Mattawa)

Shot Put - Dana Ferguson (SBSS)

Discus - Sylvia Verheul (West Ferris)

Javelin - Holly Maskell (WP)


80M Hurdles - Stephanie Stubbert (St. Joseph)

300M Hurdles - Leesa Church (Widdifield)

100M - Stephanie Stubbert (St. Joseph)

200M - Stevie Pire (Lasalle - Sudbury)

400M - Keira Brown (Widdifield)

800M - Kaitlyn Tallman (Manitoulin)

1500M - Kaitlyn Tallman (Manitoulin)

3000M - Weghan Juuti (Elliot Lake)

Long Jump - Laura Graham (Chippewa)

Triple Jump - Laura Graham (Chippewa)

High Jump - Sara Bullock (SMC)

Shot Put - Ashley Handley (West Ferris)

Discus - Jessica Huard (McElligot)

Javelin - Katie Goggins (Lockerby)