Sault Stryders
Running Club

Marathon Training Seminar
Wednesday, April 28, 2004, 7:00 PM at the YMCA
Presented by Mario Festival

The seminar focused on training techniques and methods to help prepare for the marathon. The emphasis was on the marathon distance but the information also applies to shorter distances like the half marathon.

Mark Fisher attended and talked about his recent Boston Marathon experience.

The following topics were covered in the seminar.

  1. Introduction to the seminar and explanation of what will be covered and how it can be applied.

  2. The differences between running and training.

  3. Three types of runners.

  4. The three main components that affect training and performance.

  5. To what degree do each of the three components apply to the three types of runners.

  6. Specific training techniques and how they can be best applied.

  7. Race day.

  8. Learning for next time.

  9. Question period.

An overview of the presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint format is available.     Presentation

The PowerPoint program or viewer is required to view the presentation. The viewer is a free download from Microsoft. Go to and search for PowerPoint viewer.

Click the following link to view the race prediction chart used in the presentation.
Race Prediction Chart. There are several web sites with race prediction calculators. A recommended calculator can be found at: