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Sault Elks Cross Country Invitational
Reported October 11, 2004 by the Sault Evening News
Sault Ste Marie, Michigan

Harbor Springs wins Elks titles

SAULT STE. MARIE -- Harbor Springs dominated the action at the Sault Country Club on Saturday, winning the Sault Elks Cross Country Invitational. The Rams won both the boys and girls competition.

In the boys meet, the Rams finished with 21 points, while Korah was second with 107. The Sault was third with 113, one point ahead of Munising which was fourth with 114. Cedarville took fifth with 123, while Mackinaw City placed sixth with 134. The Rudyard Buldogs were seventh with 166, and the Cheboygan Chiefs were eighth with 167. Munising finished ninth with 183, while Newberry had 240 points for 10th. The Pickford Panthers took 11th with 241, and the St. Ignace Saints were 12th with 259.

The Rams claimed the top three spots as Josh Hofbauer won the individual title, touring the course in 16:57. Erik Hart was second (17:04), and Spencer Beaty finished third (17:12).

Stu Chipman was the top Sault finisher. He ran the race in 18:00 and finished ninth. Walter Bennette finished 11th (18:04), while Tyler Gage was 23rd (18:48). Austin Rogers was 34th (19:19), and Ryan Gleason finished 36th (19:24).

For the Cedarville Trojans, Chad Schlosser finished fourth overall in 17:22, but the next Cedarville runner placed 27th as Chris Thompson crossed the line (19:03). Jordan Sweeney was 29th (19:10), while Trevor Sigman was 41st (19:44), and Dustin Tassier finished 53rd (20:41).

Justin Hoolsema was the top finisher for the Rudyard Bulldogs. He finished 18th, running the course in 18:38. Alex Malaski finished 30th (19:11), while Isiah Otten was 33rd (19:17). Kyle Rice took 39th (19:33), and Joshua Kaminski placed 46th (20:07).

For Newberry, Johny Prieto finished 36th (19:16), while David Trembath (20:24) finished 48th, and Nicholas Engman finished 49th (20:25). Brian Richards (20:47) and Mike Hubbard (20:50), finished 55th and 56th, respectively.

Carl Morrison was the top Pickford runner. He finished 12th (18:07), while Chris Thompson was the next Panther to cross the line, finishing 40th (19:36). Eddie Arbic was 58th (20:53), while Luke Barry took 64th (21:39), and Nick Raden was 67th (21:56).

For St. Ignace, Mike Syrjala finished 38th (19:31), while Kody King took 61st (21:00). Justin Emery placed 63rd (21:28), while Nathan Zimmerman was 69th (21:58), and Jake Weiss finished 71st (22:25).

In the girls meet, Harbor Springs finished with 55 points, while Cedarville was second with 79. The Blue Devils took third with 102, while Korah finished fourth with 106. Cheboygan had 154 for fifth place, Rudyard took sixth with 173, and Munising was seventh with 176. Pickford had 185, good for eighth place, while St. Ignace finished ninth with 205, and Newberry took 10th with 215. White Pines took 11th with 224 points, and Mackinaw City finished 12th with 289.

Karissa Schlosser of Cedarville was the top finisher at the meet. She posted a time of 21:07, just one second ahead of Harbor Spring's Cassie Niersel. Also for the Trojans, Lauren Izzard finished fourth (21:15), while Kara Griffin (22:25) took 11th. Lindsey McCleod (23:39) placed 27th, and Marcie Mason (24:39) was 36th.

For the Sault, Brittany Ockenfels crossed the line 14th (22:31), while Wrindy Shann was 20th (23:11). Stephanie Day was right behind her in 21st place (23:18), while Lindsey Lalonde was 23rd (23:27), and Ashley Andrews (23:29), was 24th.

Charlotte Folkersma paced the Rudyard Bulldog runners. She finished seventh (22:11), while Alisha Thompson was 30th (23:48), and Sarah English finished 33rd (24:19). Mary Couling was 49th (26:51), and Jessica Rynberg placed 54th (28:39).

For Pickford, Lyndsey Bawks (23:42) finished 29th, while Stephanie Savoie took 32nd (24:15), and Kaylynn Portice placed 35th (24:38). Shannon Lewis (26:03), and Emily Lamb (26:18) were 44th and 45th, respectively.

Chelsea Therrian was the best St. Ignace finisher, taking 22nd (23:25), while Rebecca Weiss (25:41), and Erica Ahlich (25:58) were 42nd and 43rd, respectively. Kate Springsteen finished 46th (26:24), and Linetta Kanitz was 52nd (27:49).

The Newberry Indians were paced by Andrea Ronquist, who finished 31st (24:09), while Jennifer Braglel finished 39th (24:50). Rachel Ronquist was 40th (25:15), and April Myers was 48th (26:46). Laura Siuda took 57th (30:07).

In the JV meets, the Sault got a pair of wins. Chris Knauff was the top runner for the Blue Devils, finishing second in 19:44. Steven Robinson of Newberry was third (19:46), while Clayton Long of Cedarville was 16th (21:37). Pat Savoie was Pickford's top finisher, taking 33rd (23:54), and Sam Smith of Rudyard finished 35th (23:57).

For the JV girls Brooke Wagner logged the best Sault time (25:13), which was good for fifth place. Kristin Schmittigal of Pickford finished 10th (26:07), and Casey Long of Cedarville was 13th (26:58). Rudyard's top finisher was Amanda Hoolsema. She finished 19th (28:06).

In the middle school meet, the Sault boys finished third, and team scores for the girls were not reported.

Jake Bennette won the boys race in 11:59 for the Blue Devils, while Newberry's top finisher, Dave Pacock, finished 10th (13;43). Kaiden Shiemke took 18th for St. Ignace (14:48), and Sam Ortiz (15:46) was the fastest Rudyard runner.

In the girls meet, Callie Smith of Pickford was the area's fastest runner. She ran the course in 15:50. Meagan Mayer finished eighth for Rudyard (15:52), while Jenna Paquette took 10th for the Sault (16:01).