Sault Stryders
Running Club

Hauswirth, Lawless pace Rudyard Lions Triathlon
Reported August 1, 2007 by the Sault Evening News
Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

RUDYARD - Mark Hauswirth of Okemos was the men's winner of the 11th annual Rudyard Lions Summerfest Triathlon last weekend, completing the running, biking, and swimming in 1:14.41. The female winner was Christine Lawless of Grand Ledge, who finished in 1:19.40.

Curt Van of the Sault was the winner in the 5K in 17:01, while Anne Cammenga was the women's 5K winner in 22:12.

In the age group categories for the triathlon, Paul Morrison was first in the men's 19-Under (1:33.36), while Ben Morrison was second. The top female was Erica Ahlich (1:29.24), while Ashley Oliver was second.

Jeff Danbrum (1:15.14) won the men's 20-29 age group, while Carl Morrison was second and Glenn Cheney was third.

In the 30-39 men's division, Steve Demidovich (1:19.14) was first, followed by Mike Burgess and Tom Swanson.

Dan Puddister won the men's 40-49 age division (1:21.36), while Bruce Pummel was second and Eric Sutter finished third. Madeline Belanger won the division among the women (1:29.00), while Lori Langendorf was second and Karla Bowen placed third.

In the 50-59 age group, Robert Mayer (1:16.22) finished first, while Kim Cheney was second and Don Morrison placed third. For the women, Marg Meincke (1:31.34) was the winner.

In the 60-and-Over age group, Doug Gavriloff (1:49.43) was the top male, while the top female was Betty Schultz (2:10.28).

In the female team category, the Red Hots team (1:37.10) finished first, while Team Abbitts (1:26.30) was the co-ed winner. Team Pummel/LP Trolls finished second and Team Kelly was third.

The team of Clean Landis (1:11.37) won the Lions Challenge and collected a $250 check for the Sault Stryders running club of Sault, Ont. The KDA Rudyard Lions team finished second, and Team Unknown was third. The Rudyard Lions placed fourth.

In the 5K run, Quinn Schultz won the boys 10-Under race (39.21), while Gabby Schultz (36.05) was first among the 10-Under girls.

Alisha Thompson was first in the girls 17-19 female group (23.20), while Ashley Magness was second.

In the 30-39 year old division, Dan Wallis was the men's winner (19.45), while Rick Rutledge was second and Sean Nicklas was third.

Betty Litzner was the top female (28.28) was first in the women's 40-49 age group and Tom Siuda (19.39) was first in the 50-59 age group, while Steve Spaldingn was second and Brent Cook was third. Robin Deblake was first among the 50-59 women (30.35).

Freddy Standaert was first in the men's 60-Over division (23.29), while Allan Newman was second and Tom Spencer placed third.

Next year's race is scheduled for Sunday, July 26.