Sault Stryders
Running Club

Sault Michigan boys run first at Foxes and Hounds meet
Reported September 17, 2007 by Soo Evening News
Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

NEWBERRY - The Newberry Indians held their annual Foxes and Hounds meet on Saturday in which runners are sent off at various time intervals from worst to best in an attempt to level the playing field.

Sault High cruised to a win in the boys meet, while the girls finished second behind Cheboygan. The Sault also won both ends of the JV meet.

For the boys, Sir James Dunn was second with 44 points, while Rudyard was third with 69. Rogers City placed fourth with 104, and Rapid River was fifth with 134. Newberry finished fifth with 139, and Cheboygan was sixth with 208.

Kyle Maleport finished third overall (18:12), while Jacob Bennette was fifth (17:34). Tyler Goetz finished sixth (19:47), and Zach Ewing was eighth (18:23). Sam Scott was the fifth Blue Devil runner in the top 10, placing 10th (19:24).

Cheboygan won the girls meet with with 24 points, while the Sault was second with 60. Newberry finished third with 78, while Rogers City finished fourth with 93, and Rudyard was fifth with 158.

Cassie Maleport was the top Sault finisher, placing seventh (22:59). Faith Lincoln was 10th (24:34), and Brittany Ockenfels was 11th (23:35).

For the JV boys, Cody Ware was second overall (20:11), while Travis MacArthur was third (20:14), and Curtis Gage was fourth (20:38). Reid Desrochers was fifth (21:17), and Pat Brewster was eighth (21:47).

Megan Bunker was the winner for the JV girls (24:14), while Mariah Derry was second (24:17), and Jessica Spincich was fifth (24:50). Olivia Francis finished sixth (25:02), while Kim Knauf (25:17), and Kyli Burtt was ninth (25:19).