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Templeton's Design Reaches the Finals

Your vote can help them win

Submitted by Colin Templeton
October 24, 2007
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

In June my wife Sharon announced that she wanted to participate in the St. Joeseph Island Triathlon, and challenged me to do the same. So I dusted off my 25+ year old bike and bought some new running shoes. At 41 years of age, and 25 or 30 pounds overweight, I had never run more than 400 meters in my life. My first attempt at running was very tough. I attempted to run 1.25 km along the boardwalk. I had to stop 4 or 5 times to catch my breath, and my legs ached afterwards. But, I had committed to my wife to try and complete the duathlon, so I persisted.

I ran or rode my bike every day, and slowly increased my distances, and then I had a very pleasant surprise. I discovered I really enjoyed running. More than that, I found I had a passion for running. My abilities started to expand exponentially; I found I could run 2.5km without stopping, then 5 km, then 7.5 km. Without changing my diet I began loosing weight. None of my clothes fit properly. And I became a faster and stronger runner.

I entered the duathlon, and surprised myself with my results (I more than surpassed my goal of surviving to the finish line). So I kept on running. Now I routinely run to work (12.5km one way). On occasion I run home after work for a daily total of 25km. Running keeps getting easier and easier, and I haven’t felt this good since I was in my 20’s. I’ve lost almost all of the extra weight.

But, it hasn’t been without a few bumps. My 25+ year old bike is held together by scotch tape and glue. My wife has a bike too, but it is not much better. We have both had some crashes on the bikes and parts seem to break and fly off at the most inopportune times. In the triathlon, Sharon shredded her chain and gears during the bike portion of the race and ended up having to run the bike part of the race (pushing the bike), and was disappointed with her results.

We decided we wanted a better bike, but they are so expensive!!! One day while reading a bicycling magazine I spotted an ad for a contest. The contest was put on by the Italian Bicycle manufacturer Campagnolo, and involved designing graphics for a new wheel design. We entered our design into the contest. We were very surprised to receive notification that our design had been selected as a finalist from hundreds of submissions worldwide. There now remain ten designs in the contest. Our design is the only one from Canada. The final winner will be selected through an online voting process.

I would really appreciate the support of club members to help us win a new bicycle. Please take a moment to go to and look for the link to the Bora Art contest. If the page is written in Italian, look around for an ‘English’ button to change to the page written in English. Please look through the list to identify the design called Bora Sharon, by Sharon Temleton (they misspelled her name). Pressing vote, and entering your e-mail address will register your vote. You will get an e-mail to confirm your vote. Many of the other designs are very nice, but I would like to ask that you help another Saulite reach their athletic goals by voting for our design!

Thank you.

February 1, 2008 Update

The Templeton design finished 2nd in the design competition. They were awarded a new racing bike by the sponsors.