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NOSSA Cross Country Meet Results
Reported October 26, 2007 by Karen Johns for
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Not even running with a taped ankle could stop stop Lynnea Lobert from coming in first place in the Girl's 3k Run at today's NOSSA cross country meet at Hiawatha.

Lobert, who injured her ankle yesterday while playing volleyball said that she loves to run.

She said "I've been running my whole life. My dad has encouraged me to run, and in fact my whole family enjoys running".

Lobert said the only thing you can do is get out there and "run as fast as you can".

She was not the only SJD student to grab a first place finish today.

Rhiannon Johns took top spot in the Senior Girls 5k run with a 30 second lead over Manitoulin's Emma Tallman.

Nora-Beth Saunders took third spot in the race and all three girls will be competing at next weeks OFFSA meet in Niagra Falls.

Both Johns and Saunders said that in that race they will be concentrating on "running for the team".

Phil Graf also managed to take top spot for the Dunn in the Boy's 5k run.

Top 3 Spots for all Races are as follows:

Senior Boys 7k Run

1) Matthew Walters West Ferris 23:55.72
2) Nick Walters West Ferris 24:11.87
3) Benoit Boulay Algonquin 24:27.65

Senior Girls 5k Run

1) Rhiannon Johns SJD 20:15.23
2) Emma Tallman Manitoulin 20:46.36
3) Nora-Beth Saunders SJD 21:00.00

Junior Boys 6k Run

1) Ross Proudfoot Lo-Ellen Pk 22:08.81
2) Sean Plumley White Pines 22:59.41
3) Devon Cavanaugh St. Mary's 23:32.27

Junior Girls 4k Run

1)Caroline Ehrhardt Espanola 18:18.32
2)Dominique Chartrand Algonquin 18:45.77
3)Brooke Kanmacher Widdifiled 18:54.30

Midget Boys 5k Run

1) Phil Graf SJD 18:19.97
2) Brad Walsh St. Mary's 18:21.99
3) Stephan Erickson Korah 18:58.85

Midget Girls 3k Run

1) Lynnea Lobert SJD 13:45.17
2) Julien Flynn St. Basil 13:50.65
3) Alannah MacLean Lo-Ellen Pk 14:02.46

SJD's Lynnea Lobert after coming first in the Midget Girls 3k Race

SJD Coach Lorri Purnis hugs runners Rhiannon Johns
and Nora-Beth Saunders after the Sr. Girls Race

Matthew and Nick Walters after placing first and second in Sr. Boys Race