Sault Stryders
Running Club

Sault Stryders Annual Meeting Minutes
Meeting held March 31, 2008 at the YMCA

1. Date and Time: Monday March 31 2008

2. Place: YMCA Room 4&5

3. Sherri Smith called the meeting to order at 6:11 pm.and welcomed everyone . Congratulations were extended to everyone who participated in "Around the Bay" road race in Hamilton.

4. Marg read the minutes of the previous meeting which took place on Nov 19th 2007. Motion by Marg to accept the minutes as read -seconded by Jennifer Field.

5. Presentation by Tara M. about the "Read Write and Run" marathon program. The grant was not approved as the Stryders are not incorporated so she is looking for alternate sources of money to maybe get a pilot program up and running at one or two schools (possibly through the Steelworkers). There was a discussion about how to get started with this program. There will be a meeting with the members who have expressed an interest in implementing this worthwhile program.

6. Treasurer`s report. Grady reported that our club now has $1,277.00 in our bank account. Profit of $208.50 from the Boxing Day run as well as $147.50 as our share from the Cornfest Run. Grady moved that the Treasurer`s report be accepted as read-seconded by Tim Pearson.

7. Presentation By Marg Lacourciere concerning a new run she would like to organize in conjunction with "Family Fun Day" in Prince Township to raise awareness of all the amenities this area has to offer. The proposed event would take place on August 23rd. She had many questions as to how to organize an event like this and many helpful suggestions were made. This event is listed on our web site.

8. General discussion on how to raise awareness and promote our club in the community as well as the look of the Stryders. Many ideas were discussed including the possiblity of having club shorts and t-shirts and what the colours should be as well as possibly updating our logo in order to give our club more visibility in our city when we participate in events. Grady said he could talk to Doug Richardson about bringing samples of clothing to our next meeting. There will also be a meeting at the Mudge residence on Monday April 14th of interested people to discuss possibilies for an updated logo and club colours to be adopted.

9. Question - should a pamphlet be developed about our club to be distributed in our city to raise awareness about our club and what we do? Question about liability insurance. Grady says that since our club is an umbrella organization under the YMCA we would be covered under them. There is a possibility that participants of our group runs should sign a waiver.

8. Benefits of club membership should be clearly displayed on our web site. Also it was felt that more should be done to attract new members from the high schools. There also should be discounts at more businesses than just The Athlete`s Foot. Question about a discount at Sports Check. Is there one? Staff there are not sure. Maybe a discount at "The County Way" health food store could be explored.

9. The Sault Star should be contacted about the unprecidented number (8) of runners from our city who are participating in this year`s Boston Marathon. Nathan Mudge will take care of this.

10. Motion by Sherri Smith to adjourn the meeting at 7:45pm. Seconded by Nathan Mudge.

11. Refeshments followed - pizza and pop.

Members present at the meeting: Marg Meincke, Sherri Smith, Grady Hess, Theresa Mudge, Jennifer Field, Marg Lacourciere, Nathan Mudge, Tara Maszczakiewicz, Diana Medaglia, Colin Templton, Tim Pearson.