Sault Stryders
Running Club

Sault Stryders Annual Meeting Minutes
Meeting held December 2, 2008 at the John Rhodes Center

Meeting took place at the John Rhodes Center in the Accessibility Office on Tuesday, December 2 at 7 pm.

Members present: Sherri Smith, Marg Meincke, Glenda Hubley, Mark Wetzl, Nathan Mudge, Janice Mackay, Phil Dopp, Lorne Jarrett, Jennifer Entwhistle, Misha Coppens.

1. Sherri called the metting to order and welcomed everyone in attendance.

2. Motion by Nathan to accept the minutes of the previous AGM meeting (March 31st 2008) as read, seconded by Janice Mackay.

3. Business arising out of March 31st minutes. Nathan reported that having club T-shirts with out logo printed on the front will be expensive unless there is a larger order. So far,not very many members expressed an interest in purchasing one. The club could purchase a larger order (for example 60 shirts) and try to sell them at local events. After some discussion it was decided that Sherri, Nathan and Glenda will work on a bulk order for the spring.

4. Treasurer`s report: Glenda reported that our club currently has $1,238.91 in our account. This includes $208.00 from the Boxing Day Run, $100.00 from the Cornfest Run and $100.00 from the Prince Township Run with the Wind Run. Also included is revenue from membership money.

5. Boxing Day Run. It was felt that this fun event should again be held as it is very popular. Sherri already has had some preliminary discussions with the Water Tower Inn who is receptive to hosting this event as in the past - but with some minor changes. They apparently do not have a breakfast brunch anymore but they could set up a simple meal such as pancakes and syrup in one of their banquet rooms for the participants. Janice, Glenda and Sherri will volunteer to help organize this event.

6. After a brief discussion a motion to accept the Sault Stryders constitution and by-laws (with some minor changes) by Phil Dopp seconded by Jennifer Entwhistle. Everyone present at the metting was given a copy of this.

7. After some discussion it was decided that a letter should be forwarded to Doug Richardson to clarify our club`s association with his event (Run the Great Lakes.). We should also find out who actually owns the program "Lean at the Line". It was also clarified that anyone who wants to use our timing device at an event must pay a rental charge of $100.00.

8. After some discussion it was felt that the use of the indoor track facilities at Lake State University would be an excellent idea during the winter season. Sherri has had some preliminary discussions with the people at the university and they have no problem with club members using their facility. There is no need to book a specific time but they are asking for a nominal fee of $4.00 per runner .Jennifer Entwhistle will organize this.

9. Other business. Sherri thought that future Stryder meetings could continue to be held at the Accessibility Office at the Rhodes Center. All in attendance were in agreement.

10. Comment by Lorne Jarrett about starting a local run in order to increase visibility and membership of our club. However after some discussion it was thought our club has enough to do at present. (It is difficult to recruit volunteers and it seems that it`s always the same people doing all the work.

11. Next meeting. Our next meeting will take place in late March.

12. Motion by Sherri to adjourn the meeting at 8:25. Seconded by Nathan.