Sault Stryders
Running Club

Sault Stryders Meeting Minutes
Meeting held April 9, 2009 at the John Rhodes Center

1. Date and Time: Thursday, April 9, 2009.

2. Place: John Rhodes Accessibility Center.

3. Sherri Smith called the meeting to order at 7:07 pm.

4. Marg Meincke read the minutes of the previous meeting held on Dec 2, 2008. Motion by Sherri to accept minutes as read and seconded by Nathan. Passed.

5. Treasurer`s report. Glenda Hubley reported the club bank balance currently stands at $1,319.03.

6. Training Report. Jennifer Entwistle reported that the training sessions at the indoor track at LSSU went very well and she is hoping to continue this next winter. She is now planning to use outdoor facilities (co-ordinating times with other users) now that the snow has gone.

7. Saturday Morning Runs Report. Nathan Mudge reported that during the winter, the number of participants was down, but he anticipates that numbers will pick up now that nicer, warmer weather has arrived. He will also contact Mario as to the reason why the routes for the group runs have lately not been posted on our site.

8. Boxing Day Run. Sherri reported that 50 people attended. The event went very well and local business were very generous and donated lots of draw prizes. The club receives $1.50 per runner. Sherri thought there could be some fun categories in order to generate more participation (e.g. strollers, relay, best costume etc.) Unfortunately attendance is highly dependant on the weather. Sherri thought a fresh advertisement poster for the event might also help.

9. Cornfest and Mountain Maple Runs are in jeapardy. The Mountain Maple Run will definitely take place on May 24th on St. Joseph Island. Currently the Cornfest Run has no race director although the run committe is still intact. The Cornfest Run will not happen unless someone takes this on. It was thought that if this event folds there would be minimal impact to our club. However it is a priority for our club to support Run the Great Lakes event held on the first weekend in June. Nathan will talk to Doug Richardson about posting the results of this event. Numbers for this event were down last year. Tim Pearson thought that having music playing at the water stops might be a way to attract attention to the event and a good way to keep runners motivated along the route. Suggestion that the event be held in conjunction with "Community Day" is good, however Doug is unwilling to change the date of the event. Traditionally it has always been held on the first weekend in June.

10. Apparel. Sherri reported that Doug Richardson can offer a $10.00 New Balance, technical quality shirt . He would like to have his logo on the back (he would pay for this) and our club logo would be on the front. It was agreed by a show of hands that the club would order 60 shirts. Sherri will confirm price and that there would be no embroidery on the shirt.

11. Sports and Recreation Showcase May 23rd 9:20 am to 5:00 pm. Sherri confirmed that she will have a table set up at this event (each table costs $25.00) for St. Joseph Island Triathlon and wanted to know if anyone is interested in staffing a table for the Stryders. She could do both if the tables are side by side but it would be better if a club member is willing to donate their time to staff the table. Members thought it would be important to have a table set up for this event to showcase the club activities. Please let Sherri know if you are willing to help out.

12. Membership Benefits. Our members should be more aware of the 10% discount at various local businesses. In some cases the employees are not aware of this discount (Sports Check). The Country Way health foor store is interested in offering a 10% discount to our members. Idea that club membership forms should also be available at The Athlete`s Foot.

13. Our next meeting will be held in the late fall. Executive elections will be held at that meeting.

14. Motion by Glenda to adjourn meeting at 8:39 pm. seconded by Nathan.