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McCron plans to compete in 'a fair amount of racing'
Reported July 22, 2011 by Mike Verdone for The Sault Star
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Scott McCron has his sights set on the annual St. Joseph Island Triathlon next month.

But it's not the only race the local 25-year-old man will lace up for this season.

In addition to competing at the eight annual St. Joe event on Saturday, Aug. 13, McCron will be on the road to Marathon this weekend to take part in a triathlon, and next month he heads to Orillia to participate in a duathlon.

Beside competing in multiple-discipline events, McCron also runs short races, half-marathons and cycles with the Algoma Bicycle Company's inaugural racing team.

"I do a fair amount of racing," says the Sir James Dunn graduate, who recently completed Sault College's health and fitness course.

He usually competes in just two major events in one season. But this year McCron is committed to making it to five major triathlon/duathlons. And he isn't worried about having enough energy to finish those races.

"I don't think I'll be fatigued. As long as I get a weekend between each race, I should be fine. I'm not racing every weekend."

McCron prefers to enter duathlon races because they require competitors to run and cycle, as opposed to triathlons, which add a swimming component.

"Swimming is a bit of a barrier for me ... I suck at swimming, but I'm trying to get better."

He began competing at the St. Joe Triathlon as part of a relay team when the event was first held in 2004.

In 2007 he took part for the first time as an individual and placed first in the sprint duathlon. He also finished first in the sprint duathlon in 2008.

The sprint requires athletes to complete a five-kilometre run, a 20-km bike ride, and then end with a 2.5-km run.

Last year, McCron finished second in the international duathlon at the St. Joe event. The international race consists of a 10-km run, a 40-km bike ride and 5-km run to the finish line.

He says organizers have not changed the course this year, so he's looking for some improvement during the island race in a few weeks.

"I'm hoping to have a better time than last year."

McCron was an avid cross-country skier in high school. He got into cycling and running while cross-training for skiing, he says.

"Then I just combined the two sports together."

He has a regular 9-to-5 job this summer while he looks for work in the health and fitness area. And when he isn't working, he is usually exercising.

"I train about six times a week. I run three times a week and then I bike three times a week."

McCron has competed in one event with Algoma Bicycle Company's racing team.

He described the event, which was held in Kinross, Mich., as "a fun time-trial" on street bikes.

McCron placed third in the 20-km race, which included about 40 competitors, he says. The event just whet his appetite for a season of various races.

"I'm pumped to race. I want to do at least 10 races, like running and triathlons and biking," he says.

"I love doing that kind of stuff. That's what gets me pumped."

He especially enjoys the challenges triathlons and duathlons offer. "I like pushing myself to the limit. It's tiring, but you feel good after the race. (It's) a sense of accomplishment."

But McCron is also looking for greater challenges. And he is confident he can compete at a higher level.

"I hope to maybe one day do an ironman. I would be really happy if I competed in an Olympic triathlon because it's a 1.5-km swim followed by a 40-km bike and then a 10-km run.

"It's a pretty tough race, but I don't think it's any tougher than doing an international duathlon."

Another long-term goal is making it to a prestigious annual event that has been held for more than 30 years on a popular island in the Pacific Ocean.

"Even more exciting, almost like winning the lottery, would be qualifying for the Hawaiian Ironman, which is incredibly difficult."

McCron will be one of hundreds of participants expected to attend the St. Joe triathlon on Aug. 13.