Team Ultra runs a 24-hour relay for cancer

Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan (UW) - Three runners from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, took part as "Team Ultra" July 16-17 in the American Cancer Society 24-Hour Relay Race here -- Wanda Hancock , Fred Hancock and Barbara McLeod.

Running in laps of 30 minutes each, they reached their goal of 100 miles in 16 1/2 hours, raising over $1,200. "Each did 11 legs (5 1/2 hrs)," reports Bill McLeod. "Wanda completed 35 1/2 miles, Fred 34 1/2 miles and Barbara 30 miles. After reaching their goal and celebrating this achievement, additional running was done by all, including two miles by their handler/lap counter (me) to increase the team relay total to 119 miles."

Individual mileage totals for the event, which actually lasted only 22 hours because of official ceremonies and time lost to a rain and lightning storm, were: Barb McLeod 46 1/2; Wanda 37 3/4 and Fred 37 miles. Conditions were very hot (92F) with high humidity.

"Wanda and Fred ran Niagara this year (50 miles) and really enjoyed the experience of the event and meeting runners from the ultra community," Bill McLeod adds. "Now with a look at what 24 hours entails they are still keen to do more and perhaps a solo 24 is in their future. Will keep you posted on our activities.

"P.S.: Wanda & Fred wish it to be known how much they appreciated the support and dedication of the crew at aid stations and finish area at Niagara. Fred had stomach problems in the race, and they were very impressed with all the help and encouragement received."

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