Rudyard Summerfest Triathlon
Rudyard, Michigan
July 30, 2000
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The fourth annual Rudyard Lions Summerfest Triathlon went without a hitch, the weather cooperated Beautifully! but a little warm. 75 degrees by 9:00AM; 90 by noon. A little warm by Yooper standards. Lots of water was available and everyone hydrated very well. This race attracted about 20 'newbies' who were tri-ing triathlon for the first time! With our shorter distances and a pool swim, this race seems a little less intimidating than others, but that's not to say it wasn't competitive. Several competed as relay teams, two as husband-wife teams. The course was laid out to take advantage of all the hills you can find in this typically flat area. A brisk out & back 5K run went over the Pine River & took advantage of the valley & bridge twice. The 24 K bike route finds some rolling hills about 4 miles north of town and continue for 5 miles before dumping into a flat open road back to town where a tailwind pushed a few riders near 30 MPH. A quick transition and a jump in the pool for 22 lengths to the finish. The 84 degree water made for a no-wetsuit swim, rare in the U.P. The Rudyard Lions provided a pot-luck lunch during the awards. They insist that EVERYONE eats, not just the athletes. They realize without the support of friends and family, the athletes would not be here. Big thanks go out to the Rudyard Boy Scouts who marshalled several road intersections and the Rudyard Piranha Swim Club who provided the lap counters in the pool.

The 5K run was lead by Eric Piscopo followed by John Cameron, Larry Kemp, Alan Jarvie and Brent Malaski. The last two being relay team members. The athletes then mounted bikes for a 24K ride north of town on a circular loop. Brendon Ewers (team) was first the bike finisher followed by Tom Piippo, John Cameron, Stew Blake and Mark Lesinski. The bikers then traded their helmets for swim goggles for a brisk pool swim. The top five finished the race in the same order they entered the pool, all being relatively equal swimmers. Overall individual male winner was Tom Piippo from Rudyard. Overall female winner was Mary Connor of Marquette. First relay team and fastest time of the day went to Theresa Brimmer (runner) and Brendon Ewers (bike & swim) of Marquette. (Brendon holds the course record, but cannot run this year because of a foot injury).

Run 5K -- Bike 24K -- Swim 0.5K

Place Name           Age    City              Time
1 Tom Piippo         43     Rudyard, MI       1:06:11
2 John Cameron       35     Sault, Ont        1:06:49
3 Stew Blake         37     Sault Ont         1:08:04
4 Mark Lesinski      45     Charlevoix, MI    1:08:30
5 Mark Oberman       23     Cedar, MI         1:09:27
6 Eric Piscopo       48     Sault, Ont        1:09:32
7 Chris Coraggio     43     Marquette, MI     1:10:13
8 William Sage       33     Gaithersburg, MD  1:15:30
9 Mary Connor        41     Marquette, MI     1:17:53
10 Lynn Hartman      20     Ovid, MI          1:18:26
11 Randy Jensen      46     Marquette, MI     1:19:25
12 Larry Kemp        17     Eaton Rapids, MI  1:19:30
13 Jake Rankinen     15     Champion, MI      1:19:46
14 Andy Verhanne     19     Escanaba, MI      1:20:15
15 Glenda Culbertson 22     Marquette, MI     1:22:35
16 Ed Westlund       55     Sault, Ont.       1:23:19
17 Bob Mayer         43     Clio, MI          1:23:57
18 Mike Segorski     53     Gladstone, MI     1:25:47
19 Alan Sloan        67     Sault, Ont.       1:28:15
20 Marg Meincke      46     Sault, Ont        1:30:28
21 Ashley Baker      26     Beverly Hills, MI 1:30:36
22 Julie Johanningsmeier 37 Howell, MI        1:32:22
23 Melanie Conway    40     Harrison, MI      1:36:02
24 Carole Lee        55     Cedar River, MI   1:36:06
25 Nolan Jensen      12     Marquette, MI     1:37:33
26 Dick Jenkins      61     Escanaba, MI      1:40:25
27 Al Salmi          56     Rapid River, MI   1:41:49
28 Mary Miller       17     Sault, MI         1:41:55
29 Jim Elzinga       64     Conway, MI        1:42:28
30 Christine Axer    34     Howell, MI        1:42:56
31 John Ostman       61     Escanaba, MI      1:43:59
32 Mark Szymczak     32     Mt. Pleasant, MI  1:44:37
33 Wendy Meraglia    33     Sault, Ont.       1:46:10
34 Ashley Oliver     12     Ironwood, MI      1:48:09
35 Jamie Stelmaszek  40     Kinross, MI       1:52:34
36 Janice McKay      54     Charlevoix, MI    1:54:31
37 Ted Polzin        25     Alberta, Can.     2:02:54
38 Terese Trost      46     Royal Oak, MI     2:14:53
39 Patricia Milligan 74     Sault, MI         2:21:36

Team Results

Place Names Events      City                 Time

1 Brendon Ewers B,S Marquette
   Theresa Brimmer R Marquette                1:04:28
2 Evan Jellison S Rudyard
    Brent Malaski R Rudyard
     Kim Cheney B Rudyard                     1:09:24
3 Alan Jarvie R Rudyard
     Martin Szymczak B Frankenmuth
     Jason Gerou S Rudyard                    1:15:15
4 Daniel Sullivan R,B Boston, MA
   Anne Melvin S Boston, MA                   1:15:19
5 Ben Davey   Sault, Ont.
   Steve Davey  Sault, Ont
    Harold Davey  Sault, Ont                  1:27:09
6 Rod Kauppila R Rudyard
   Mike Jellison B Rudyard
    Gary Davis S Rudyard                      1:27:19
7 Harvey KhunKhun R,B Gwinn
   Alicja KhunKhun S Gwinn                    1:56:26