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The Crystal 50
Hiawatha Highlands
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
November 16, 2002

The conditions were excellant for the inaugural 50 Km event. The sky was crystal clear with a starting temperature of -13 C. The temperature climbed to a high of -2 C. The cold temperature ensured the mud and wet parts were frozen solid.

There were three starters and only one finisher. Mario Festival completed the course in 4:26:21. Jeremy Paquin completed 3 laps (38 Km) and Brennan Cumming completed 2 laps (26 Km). The group stayed together for the first two laps with the help of two pace setters, Celia Moore and Anthony Fiaconni. Dan Puddister joined Mario for the last two laps and helped pull him through.

The course consisted of a 2 Km loop followed by four 12 Km loops of the Crystal trail system including all the extensions. The lap times were 10:14, 1:00:40, 1:00:37, 1:05:35, 1:09:15. The marathon distance was reached around 3:39.

The Crystal 100

The Crystal 100 is the combined time from the Crystal 50 ski race in spring and the Crystal 50 running race in the fall. Mario Festival was the only finisher with a time of 7:54:11 (ski - 3:27:50, run - 4:26:21).