Northland Athletic Club 24 Hour Relay
Laurentian University track, Sudbury, Ontario
June 5-6, 1982
as reported by Rick Partridge's Sault Star column

Dale Lapham and Kai Heino joined a team from the Blind River Roadrunners club coached by Conrad Bobiwash. The co-ed team was made up of 5 males and 5 females. They placed 2nd in their category behind a team from Sudbury's Lockerby High School with a total of 824 laps (approximately 206 miles).

Dale averaged 5:13 per mile while Kai's average pace was 5:20 per mile.

The other members of the team were Andre Doucet, Andy Laderoute, Lianne Doucet, Darrel Houle, Rachelle Ethier, Bucko Savard, Carol Ray and Dianne Fortin.

The event takes place over a 24 hour period starting at 12 noon on Saturday and ending at noon on Sunday. Each members of the team runs one mile on the track (4 laps) and then passes the baton to the next member. This continues for 24 hours with the team covering the most distance is declared the winner.